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This is what we teach...

Think Think Audience- know who will want to see your film- consider them first.
Think Audience Again- Who, Where are they? How can you reach them?
Think Budget- Begin with budget range in mind. Only way to understand limitations.
Think Writing- Write, rewrite, research and write again until tightly written.
Think Magic- Best cinematography, sound, music, story, characters equal movie magic.
Think Distribution- whether self distribution or through major company- make a plan.
Think Hats- Producers must wear many ‘hats’- Creative problem solving is key.
Think Branding- Brand the people, places, style, message, script... brand it all.
Think Good, Fast and Cheap- You can only choose two... pick wisely.
Think Story- Of course... but how good is your story? Script? Location? Cast? Crew?
Think Music- Creates mood, tempo, alternate narrative. Major part of movie magic.
Think New Ideas- Has your idea been done to death? Don’t begin!!
Think Stars- A-list Movie Stars mean $$ in box office why not for you? Find Them.
Think Shoestring- Budgets have shrunk. Be Creative. Think Good and Cheap.
Think Sound- Good quality sound!! A must!! As important as camera. Spend the money.
Think Style- A films style- consistent look and pace whether edgy/ dark/ romantic or fun.
Think Camera- How camera angles and lighting can help tell your story.
Think Light- Lighting, color temperature and mood. Know color and light.
Think Editing- Refine your story in the edit. Be flexible. Hire editor or cut yourself?
Think Releases: Have entertainment attorney draw up on-camera releases. A must.
Think Profit- Investor Profits Rule, if you ever want to do another film.
Think Tempo- Music, camera movement and editing.
Think Message- What the audience takes-away - learns from your film.
Think Marketing- Promote film using Hollywood Stars, good quotes, soundtrack.
Think Trailer- A good, solid trailer is a must. Hire a Pro. They are a rare breed.
Think Characters- Storytellers, dramatic persons, hardship, love, confusion, epic.
Think Simple- Efficient, effective goals and objectives. Often, fake it till you make it..
Think Short- Short version for your film. Market loves short films.
Think Humility- Goes a long way if you focus on your story, characters- not yourself.
Think Family Films- Create better films for your family- generation to generation.
Think Graphics- Graphics can help narrative and keep audience engaged.
Think More: How you might spin brand, idea, script into multiple films/ shows.

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