If you want to be a filmmaker...

you'd better think.

Think stars- find out how i got morgan freeman to be in my independent documentary

Think filmmaker curriculum

click here...doc film

"Echoes 'cross the tracks"

Think Filmmaker instructor

Think audience
 Think budget
Think story
 Think camera
think sound
the obvious ones you know already... what else do we have?

Emmy Award winning Producer/ Director /DP Scott Jennison began in television in 1986- Cut his teeth shooting shows like America's Most Wanted,  Entertainment Tonight, World's Wildest Police Videos in the early 90's- followed by Turner Studios, HBO, ESPN,  ABC, NBC and others- which was a perfect proving ground for his documentary  "Echoes 'cross the Tracks" which he began in 2001- licensed footage to Turner Studios in 2003  (nominated for two Emmy's, winning one for best sound) and now completed original film concept in 2014 which is being distributed in 23 countries around the world.