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Think Writing- Write, rewrite, research and write again until tightly written.
Think Magic- Best cinematography, sound, music, story, characters equal movie magic.
Think Distribution- whether self distribution or through major company- make a plan.
Think Hats- Producers must wear many ‘hats’- Creative problem solving is key.

Think Good, Fast and Cheap- You can only choose two... pick wisely.
Think Story- Of course... but how good is your story? Script? Location? Cast? Crew?
Think Music- Creates mood, tempo, alternate narrative. Major part of movie magic.

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We know not everyone has deep pockets, but we also understand the principle of  "Good, Fast and Cheap" ... in film you can only pick two.  Choose wisely... choose AirportCity Studio today.

Our objective is to further guide you along the path that leads to your success in film and television. Anything less is uncivilized. Class sizes are limited- HURRY... SIGN UP TODAY.

Our experience is our guide. Nearly three decades in the making. Join us and benefit from a new way of thinking... like a filmmaker.

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